July 11, 2016 Reg Meeting

WHNA meetings are held the second Monday of the month from 6:15 pm to 8 pm at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Building (401 West Ave.)

At the July 11th, General Meeting the association will vote on proposed changes to the WHNA by-laws.

The proposed changes are as follows:

Article IV:

Election: Annual election of officers will be held at the regular November WHNA meeting. Newly elected officers will meet with outgoing officers at the December Executive Committee meeting.

Terms of Office: The terms of all newly elected officers will be January 1st through December 31st of the immediate following year. Should an officer miss more than four consecutive Executive Committee and/or General Member meetings, or resign mid-term, the Executive Committee will appoint his or her replacement. A person may hold only one concurrent position on the Executive Committee and may not hold the same elected position for more than two consecutive terms.

Officers: The four officers of the association shall be: President/Meeting Facilitator, Vice-President/Program Facilitator, Secretary, Treasurer. Their duties are as follows:

President/Meeting Facilitator: Lead General Member and Executive Committee meetings; represents, or appoints a member to represent, the Weigent-Hogan Neighborhood Association on the all neighborhood leadership committees; serves, by appointment of the Mayor of La Crosse, on the Neighborhood Revitalization Committee as the WHNA representative or recommends to the Mayor a WHNA member to represent the association on the NRC.

Vice-President/Program Facilitator: Recruits, with the approval of the Executive Committee, speakers for the General Meetings; when the President/Meeting Facilitator is absent, facilitates General Member and Executive Committee meetings; serves in place of the WHNA President if he or she is unable to attend a Neighborhood Revitalization Committee meeting.

Secretary: Unchanged

Treasurer: Unchanged

Article V:

Executive Committee: The executive committee shall consist of the President/Meeting Facilitator, Vice-President/Program Facilitator, Treasurer, Secretary, and the chairs of the standing committees.