Proposed Bylaw Changes for 2018

The ByLaws Ad Hoc groups has proposed the following bylaws changes for 2018 (changed text in italics):

Article III – Governance: Any resident, property owner, representative from a religious or educational institution, business or non-profit in this neighborhood is eligible for membership. If eligible and age 16 or over, one may become a member by attending one general member meeting and signing the roster. Any member in good standing may cast one vote on all business, including the election of officers. A simple majority of those present at meetings where a vote is taken is required for action. All Association meetings (General Member Meetings, Executive Committee Meetings, Standing and Ad Hoc Committee Meetings) are open to all members.

Article IV: Officers and Duties: The five officers of the association shall be: President/Meeting Facilitator, Vice-President/Program Facilitator, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member-at-Large.

Member-At-Large: The Member-at-Large serves as a backup to the Secretary if he or she is unable to attend a General Meeting or Executive Committee Meeting.

Vice-President/Program Facilitator: Recruits, with the approval of the Executive Committee, speakers for the General Meetings; When the President/Meeting Facilitator is absent, facilitates General Member and Executive Committee meetings; Serves in place of the WHNA President if he or she is unable to attend a Neighborhood Revitalization Committee meeting. (Reason for deletion: Due to the nature of the NRC, no organization can send a backup.)

Article V: Executive Committee: The Executive Committee shall consist of the President/Meeting Facilitator, Vice-President/Program Facilitator, Treasurer, Secretary, and the Member-at-Large.

Please attend the October 9th, 2017 WHNA General Meeting to hear a full explanation for these changes.