Jan 14th Meeting Info

The City Wants Our Input!

The conversion of owner occupied, single family homes to rental properties in the WHNA and GENA neighborhoods has increased significantly in the last few years. Between 2013 and 2016, 12.5% of the owner-occupied homes in the WHNA boundaries were converted to rentals. The city is concerned about this trend as rental properties often lose value over time, the value of adjacent homes can be negatively impacted and neighborhood parking issues often arise.

On January 14th at 6:30 PM we will have a joint meeting with GENA at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Hall at 401 West Ave to continue our discussion with City Planner Jason Gilman regarding a pilot the city is proposing in the WHNA and GENA neighborhoods. These 2 neighborhoods were chosen because of the high number of recent single-family home conversions. The pilot would reduce the “unrelated rule” in the city’s ordinance from allowing 3 unrelated persons to live in a home to allowing 2 unrelated persons to live in the home.

The City wants our input! The city’s goal here is to encourage single family home ownership
and stabilize neighborhoods. The ordinance change would be paired with Community
Development low interest, partially forgivable loans for rehabbing rentals back to owner
occupied homes and targeted planning for multifamily housing.
Please join us!

Slides for City Presentation: Strategies for Preserving Single Family Homes 1-08-2019

2019 WHNA Board Election

At our January 14th WHNA meeting we will be voting for our new neighborhood association Board. The Board officers will be elected for a 2-year term and At-large members for a 1-year term. To date the following WHNA members have agreed to run for office:
President: Linda Lee
Vice-President: Greg Clark
Secretary: Sue Bulk
Treasurer: Andy Butch
Members-At-Large: Travis Stinar
Bob Fisher

We still have 1 Member-At-Large seat open and would love to fill it. If you are interested in
becoming more involved and want more information about Board positions please contact
Linda Lee at llee9279@gmail.com or 785-2205