WHNA By-Laws

Proposed By-Laws 8-18

Weigent-Hogan Neighborhood Association By-Laws

Article I – Name: The name shall be the Weigent-Hogan Neighborhood Association (WHNA). The boundaries of the association shall be West Avenue between Jackson Street and Cass Street, Cass Street between West Avenue and Losey Boulevard, Losey Boulevard between Cass Street and State Road 33, State Road 33 between Losey Boulevard and Jackson Street and Jackson Street between State Road 33 and West Avenue.

Article II – Neighborhood Vision Statement: The Weigent-Hogan Neighborhood Association works collaboratively using open communication with residents, property owners, business owners and other institutions to sustain a healthy, safe, well-maintained neighborhood and a vibrant sense of community.

Article III – Governance: Any resident, property owner, representative from a religious or educational institution, business or non-profit in this neighborhood is eligible for membership. If eligible and age 16 or over, one may become a member by attending one general member meeting and signing the roster. Any member in good standing may cast one vote on all business, including the election of officers. A simple majority of those present at meetings where a vote is taken is required for action. All Association meetings (General Member Meetings, Executive Committee Meetings, Standing, and Ad Hoc Committee Meetings) are open to all members.

Article IV:

Elections: Annual election of officers will be held at the regular November WHNA meeting. Newly elected officers will meet with outgoing officers at the December Executive Committee Meeting.

Terms of Office: The terms of all newly elected officers will be January 1st through December 31st of the immediate following year. Should an officer miss more than four consecutive Executive Committee AND/OR General Member meetings, or resign mid-term, the Executive Committee will appoint his or her replacement. A person may hold only one position on the Executive Committee and may not hold the same position for more than two consecutive terms.

Officers and Duties: The five officers of the association shall be: President/Meeting Facilitator, Vice-President/Program Facilitator, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member-at-Large. Their duties are as follows:

President/Meeting Facilitator: Leads General Member and Executive Committee meetings; Represents, or appoints a member to represent Weigent-Hogan Neighborhood Association on the All Neighborhood Leadership Committee; serves, by appointment of the Mayor of La Crosse, on the Neighborhood Revitalization Committee as the WHNA representative or recommends to the Mayor a WHNA member to represent the association on the NRC.

Vice-President/Program Facilitator: Vice-President/Program Facilitator: Recruits, with the approval of the Executive Committee, speakers for the General Meetings; When the President/Meeting Facilitator is absent, facilitates General Member and Executive Committee meetings.

Secretary: Keeps/oversees association and committee minutes, attendance rosters, official records/correspondence and is responsible for making minutes and other documents available to the public.

Treasurer: Maintains all financial records for the association, handles all financial transactions and association accounts and reports association’s financial status to the membership as directed.

Member-At-Large: The Member-at-Large serves as a backup to the Secretary if he or she is unable to attend a General Meeting or Executive Committee Meeting.

Article V:

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee shall consist of the President/Meeting Facilitator, Vice-President/Program Facilitator, Treasurer, Secretary, and the Member-at-Large.

Article VI:

Standing and Ad Hoc Committees: There will be three standing committees: the Membership Committee, the Environment Committee, and the Neighborhood Infrastructure Committee. Ad-hoc committees and or sub-committees may be established to perform specific tasks. Any resident, property owner, representative from a religious or educational institution, business or non-profit in this neighborhood is eligible for membership on any standing or ad-hoc committees. Chairs of the standing committees will be elected by the committees and will follow the same timeline and process as the Association’s officers. The chairs will report committee activities to membership as requested by the President or as needed. The standing committees are charged with fulfilling the following expectations and responsibilities:

The Membership Committee will focus on creating opportunities for social interaction among those defined above as eligible for membership in the Weigent-Hogan Neighborhood Association. This committee is charged with planning events designed to foster better relationships among various stakeholders in the neighborhood, welcoming new neighbors/members and assisting the Secretary with communication among members.

The Environment Committee will focus on the ecological health of our neighborhood and will seek out, develop and educate our neighborhood regarding green projects; i.e. maintaining the tree canopy, edible landscaping, wheel chair gardening and planting for pollinators, et. al. This committee will also be responsible for staying abreast of and cooperating with the La Crosse Sustainability Plan and will serve as the communication source to other city departments that impact the environmental quality of our neighborhood.

The Neighborhood Infrastructure Committee will work to ensure the neighborhood infrastructure such as parks, homes, businesses and streets are safe and well maintained. The committee will serve as advocates for traffic safety, crime prevention and storm water management as well as improvements to neighborhood infrastructure that enhance the health, safety, livability and sense of community in the neighborhood.

Revised and Approved 6/8/15
Revised and Approved 7/11/16
Revised and Approved 11/13/17