The Weigent-Hogan Neighborhood Association has four standing committees. They are: Environment, Infrastructure, Governance, and Membership.

WHNA encourages participation in our committees. Feel free to attend a general meeting to speak with the committee chairs. For more information, contact the committee chair directly or use the Neighbor Inquiry form.

Environment Committee

The Environment Committee focuses on the ecological health of our neighborhood by educating association members about topics and issues related to gardening, trees, wildlife, etc. The committee’s most significant accomplishment to date is establishing a list of recommended trees to plant along the boulevards, if you choose to plant your own. One committee member also spearheaded a campaign that saved 12 ash trees along Losey Boulevard.

Meetings are held informally as needed.


  • Committee Chair: Bob Fisher
  • Member: Greg Clark

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee will function as a nominations committee to recruit candidates for the WHNA Board; will be responsible for yearly Bylaws reviews; and will develop Governance Ethics Policies for Board approval.

Special meetings are held as needed.


  • Committee chair: not filled


The Neighborhood Infrastructure Committee works to ensure the neighborhood infrastructure (such as parks, homes, businesses and streets) are safe and well maintained. The committee advocates for traffic safety, crime prevention, and storm water management as well as improvements to neighborhood infrastructure that enhance the health, safety, livability and sense of community in the neighborhood.

Special meetings are held as needed.


  • Acting Chair: Linda Lee


The Membership Committee works to strengthen communication within the neighborhood and to increase engagement within WHNA.

Meetings ​are informal and held at Java Vino every third Monday during odd months (January, March, etc) and start at 8:30 pm.