Victory Garden at Hogan

Weigent-Hogan and Holy Trinity-Longfellow Neighborhood Associations Team Up to Establish a Victory Garden at Hogan Administration Center

The first push to establish Victory Gardens started in the context of another pandemic, the 1918 flu outbreak. Gardens flourished because people were eager to build their own community-based food security, and to cultivate something beautiful and useful in times of great stress and uncertainty. The City of La Crosse was concerned about food insecurity during and after the current pandemic and wanted to bolster existing efforts to promote health, resiliency and equitable access to fresh produce among city residents. The list of vegetables to be grown was taken from USDA’s preferred garden food list and focuses on both production and simplicity.

Coulee Region Ecoscapes has prepared the garden beds at Hogan Administration Center and volunteers from Weigent-Hogan and Holy Trinity-Longfellow Neighborhood Associations will plant and maintain the gardens.

If you are interested in being involved in this community project please contact Linda Lee at