Weigent Park

Located at 1500 Cass Street, in La Crosse, Weigent Park is the gem to the neighborhood.

City Website

The park was established at the previous site for Central High School and is a popular recreation hub for neighbors, local schools, YMCA and the city’s parks and recreation department.

The park was named for Walter “Babe” Weigent, retired athletic director and football coach at Central High School.

”Click here for the full story from the archives of the La Crosse Public Library. Additional information can be found through City of La Crosse Parks by clicking here.

The park currently features:

  • Playground equipment
  • Tennis courts
  • Ga-ga ball pit
  • Softball diamonds for games and practice
  • Plenty of green space.
In 2018, the playground equipment was reviewed and considered to be in poor condition.With input from neighbors, Parks and a company specializing in playground equipment, WHNA replaced the existing playground in 2019 with modern, age considerate equipment.

The park is also home to a storage shed primarily used by the parks and recreation department. This shed has an overhang for use of picnic tables on rainy days.

WHNA has a neighborhood plan which includes enhancements to Weigent Park. The existing storage shed and outhouses are not part of it and WHNA is seeking a proper multi-use structure.

Progress and action items regarding WHNA’s quest for a real park shelter.