Action & Updates

Dates Entries: 9/19/2019, 3/16/2020
, 9/15/2020, 1/28/2021

9/10/2019 – Park Shelter Update

It looks like our shelter request will be pushed back to next fall (2020/21 CIP cycle) with a plan to build in the fall of 2021. Initially we thought the amount the Parks Department would ask for in 2019/20 CIP funds for a new Weigent shelter was going to be reduced to $200,000 but they have agreed to keep the amount at $300,000 and include it in next year’s CIP budget. This would give us a total of $400,000 for a new shelter to be built in the fall of 2021. The city is doing 5-year CIP budgeting now so Jay’s comment about putting it in the 2021 budget makes sense.

I know this is frustrating given our discussion last night.  Just know the wheels of government move slowly & sometimes aren’t always smooth. I think increasing the dollar amount back up to $300,000 and committing to 2021 is an important milestone.

To see a virtual video of the shelter we talked about last night that we might model our new shelter on, click here.

Kurt from HSR thinks this design could be modified for our shelter needs. My husband Chuck & I also went over to Weigent & put up flags to show the footprint of this shelter. The plans Kurt shared have a building that is a bit more narrow but the picnic over hang is similar in size.

Stay tuned,
The Board

3/16/2020 – Park Shelter Update

Parks has given us a tentative schedule for replacing the Weigent Park Shelter:

Midsummer 2020
Capital Improvement funds will be awarded by the Council and design work will be completed. There is tentatively $300,000 in the Parks Dept. capital improvement budget for 2021 but we will need to show up to the Council meeting to “lobby” for our shelter as there are always many needs & limited money.

Fall 2020
If the funds are approved, midsummer Parks will start demolition of the existing shelter this fall.

March/April 2021
Construction of the new shelter will begin.

Mid-Summer 2021
The new shelter opens!

We’ll keep you posted about the mid-summer Council meeting where the shelter funds will be locked in. Please come to that meeting to show your support. It makes a difference when we show up!

9/15/2020 – Park Shelter Update

We had our first meeting with the Parks Dept staff and the architects last Wednesday (9/9/20) to talk about the design for the shelter. The new shelter at Weigent will be modeled after the one in Shelby (take a virtual tour here).

The hope is we’ll agree on a design this fall and hopefully bid the project out yet this year. If all goes well the current shelter would be torn down and a new one constructed in the spring of 2021 in time for Park & Rec activities. Parks has run into some supply chain issues with other projects so they are hesitant to promise we’ll have the new shelter by summer. If they do have supply chain roadblocks, they’ll wait until Fall 2021, after their Park & Rec programs are over, to build the new shelter. Regardless…the plan is to construct the new shelter in 2021!

1/28/21 – Park Shelter Update


With collaboration between city departments, the neighborhood association and architecture firm, the plans for razing the the park shack at Weigent park and replacing with a modern multipurpose shelter has the green light. Details on progress this far to follow.

Click here for more details.