2021 Bylaws Amendment

Below shows WHNA’s bylaws including the currently approved verbiage and the proposed amendments. Any green text with strikethrough is proposed to be removed. Any red text is proposed to be added.

The goal with these changes are to allow a dynamic spread of duties amongst the board, adjust naming convention of the officers while adding a new role, and change how committees are structured.

Please read through the bylaws below. At the end, you will have the opportunity to vote. Please consider completing the survey at the end. This vote is anonymous.


Weigent-Hogan Neighborhood Association Bylaws

Adopted:  1/13/20 

Article I – Name:

The name is the Weigent-Hogan Neighborhood Association (WHNA). The boundaries of the association are: West Avenue between Jackson Street and Cass Street; Cass Street between West Avenue and Losey Boulevard; Losey Boulevard between Cass Street and State Road (WI State Hwy 33); State Road (WI State Hwy 33) between Losey Boulevard and Jackson Street; and Jackson Street between State Road (WI State Hwy 33) and West Avenue. SEE ATTACHED MAP

Article II – Neighborhood Vision Statement:

The Weigent-Hogan Neighborhood Association works collaboratively using open communication with residents, property owners, business owners, the City of La Crosse, and other institutions to sustain a healthy, safe, well-maintained neighborhood and a vibrant sense of community.

Article III – Membership:

A) Membership:

Any resident, property owner, representative from a religious or educational institution, business or non-profit with a physical location within the neighborhood is eligible for membership. These entities other than natural persons shall be referred to as institutional members. All members get one vote only.

Institutional members shall designate a voting member to represent it, and may also appoint a designated alternate to vote in the absence of the voting member. The institutional member by its authorized person shall notify the secretary of WHNA in writing of the names of the persons appointed as the voting and alternate delegate.

If eligible, and age 16 or over, one becomes a member by either attending one general member meeting during the preceding 12-month period and signing the roster or joining a WHNA committee and participating/attending at least 2 committee meetings.

Each member gets one vote per issue/election.

B) General Membership Meetings:

General membership meetings shall be held a minimum of 9 times during the calendar year.

Any member of the public may view any WHNA meeting.

Article IV – Governance:

A) Duties of the Board

The business and affairs of the Association are managed by the Board. The Board shall solicit input from the Membership at membership meetings on significant issues that affect the neighborhood and the Association.

A quorum for meetings of the Board is a majority of its members.

As necessary, the Board may make and vote on motions online.

B) Members of the Board

The WHNA Board shall consist of no more than seven members.  : four officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer; and up to three Members-at-Large. A person may hold only one position on the Board.

All WHNA Board members must be elected at the January general meeting. Any Member-at-Large  Board positions not filled will stay vacant until the next January election.

C) Voting and Elections:

Voting: Any member in good standing is entitled to run for office the Board. Any member in good standing is entitled to cast one vote.

A simple majority of those present at meetings where a vote is taken is required for action.

Elections: Candidates for office are announced at the October general meeting. Annual election of officers and Board members will be held at the January WHNA general meeting.

Write-in candidates are allowed for the Member-at-Large Board positions with permission of that nominee. The Write-in nominee will be expected to make a short statement before the election.

Newly elected officers and Board members will meet with outgoing officers and Board members at the February Board Meeting.   The newly elected, incoming Board will elect the Board officers at this meeting.

D) Terms of Office:

The terms of all elected officers will be March 2nd through March 1st two (2) years hence.

For 2019 terms of office shall be modified as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer are elected for two-year terms; all At-Large Board members are elected for one-year term.

THEREAFTER: Four Board members will be elected in odd years the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer will be elected; and three Board members will be elected in even years the At-Large Board members will be elected.

Should an officer a Board member miss more than four (4) consecutive Board and/or general membership meetings, or resign mid-term, the Board will may appoint his or her replacement for the remainder of the term from interested members.  If a Board officer resigns his/her replacement will be selected the replacement from Board members currently serving on the Board at the time of the appointment.

A partial year of service due to an appointment shall not constitute a full year of service for purposes of this paragraph.

An officer A Board member ending his or her term may be re-elected to the Board, but not in the same officer position, and may serve no longer than six (6) consecutive years on the Board, in any position.  Should no one from the membership agree to run for an open officer Board position, the 6-year limit and the limitation on serving in the same position will be waived for one 2-year term.

A Member-at-Large may be re-elected to the Board and may serve no longer than six (6) consecutive years.

E) Officer and Board Member Duties:

President: Leads General Membership and Board meetings; represents, or appoints a member to represent WHNA on the All Neighborhood Leaders Committee; recommends to the Mayor a WHNA member to represent the Association on the Neighborhood Revitalization Committee. The President or his/her designees shall make statements consistent with WHNA approved positions.

Vice President: Seeks member input on potential topics for general meetings; schedules speakers for the general meetings after approval by the Board; facilitates general member and Board meetings when President is absent.

Secretary/ Treasurer: Keeps/oversees Association and Board minutes, attendance rosters, official records and correspondence, and is responsible for making minutes and other documents available to the membership.

Also, maintains all financial records for the Association, handles all financial transactions and Association accounts and reports Association’s financial status to the membership as directed.

Communications officer:  Maintains WHNA web site and Facebook page.  Posts information about general meetings and Committee meetings to social media sites and local media.

Members-at-Large: Board Members:  One Memberat-Large will serve as back-up to the Secretary if the Secretary is absent from a general meeting or Board meeting. Other duties of Members-at-Large Board members will be assigned as agreed upon by the Board.

Article V – Committees:

A) Standing and Ad Hoc Committees: There will be four (4) standing committees: the Membership Committee, the Environment Committee, the Neighborhood Infrastructure Committee, and the Governance Committee. Ad hoc committees may be established by the Board to perform specific tasks. Any WHNA member in good standing is eligible for membership on any standing or ad hoc committees. Chairs of each standing committee will be elected by members of that committee.

A) To assist with distribution of duties and to encourage member and neighbor participation, WHNA will have the option to utilize committees as defined in this Article. All committees will be led by a chair appointed by the Board or voted in by the group forming that committee. Should there be a need for a new committee, or to keep an existing committee active, but there are no interested members or neighbors, the Board will meet as an adhoc committee.

The Board or the committee chairs will provide a committee plan detailing the intent and direction of that committee after committee inception and at start of each year the committee is active. The chair will provide an end of year report to the Board to show successes and challenges of the committee. The committee will provide meeting minutes to the Secretary/Treasurer after every meeting which will show topics discussed and progress notes.

Active Committees – These committees currently have engaged members or neighbors that are actively meeting and working towards goals outlined in the committee plan.

Inactive Committees – Committees may go inactive for any reason including lack of need or interest in participation from members or neighbors. If available, the committee chair will informally advise on the necessity for intent to become inactive. All accumulated documentation such as minutes, progress notes and reports will be submitted to the Secretary to review and file.

Adhoc Committees – Committees created for short term collaboration to review or resolve focused concerns. With Board direction, these committees will be created or dissolved without formality.

The chairs will give a report after each committee meeting to the Association Secretary who shall bring that report minutes to the Board.

Committee chairs and committee members shall not make statements on behalf of the Association without being so appointed by the President.

If a standing committee has no members, the committee will be considered inactive and the Board may be asked to assume some of the duties of the committee.  Every effort will be made to encourage committee membership at general meetings and through member communications.

B) The Membership Committee works to strengthen communication within the neighborhood and to increase engagement within WHNA.

C) The Environment Committee will focus on the ecological health of our neighborhood and with Board approval seek out, develop and educate our neighborhood regarding green projects. This committee will also be responsible for staying abreast of and cooperating with the La Crosse Sustainability Plan.

D) The Infrastructure Committee will serve as advocates for traffic safety, crime prevention and storm water management as well as improvements to neighborhood infrastructure that enhance the health, safety, livability and sense of community in the neighborhood.

E) The Governance Committee will function as a nominations committee to recruit candidates for the WHNA Board; will be responsible for yearly Bylaws reviews; and will develop Governance Ethics Policies for Board approval.

Article VI – Amendments:

These Bylaws may be amended by a simple majority vote of the voting members present and voting at a general membership meeting after two (2) readings of the proposed bylaw changes. If the Association is unable to meet in person, a vote of the members eligible to vote may be conducted electronically. The proposed amendments must be submitted to the membership in writing at least two (2) months in advance of the meeting at which the Bylaws are presented for approval. Two (2) consecutive general meetings before the vote must address the proposed bylaw changes.

Article VII – Dissolution of the Association:

Dissolution of WHNA shall be voted on by the Board after discussion by membership. Upon dissolution the Board shall, after payment of all debts and obligations, distribute the WHNA treasury to the City of La Crosse Planning Department to be spent within the boundaries described in Article 1.


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